Maynard Landfill :: Patriot Solar Group

Since 2012, Martifer has retained the services of Patriot Solar Group on more than 5 MW of ground mount projects throughout the state of Massachusetts. For their high quality product, ease of collaboration, and their professional capabilities, Martifer Solar USA highly recommends Patriot Solar Group as a leading racking partner.

- Daniel Dus
COO, Martifer Solar USA

  • Project Overview/

    • Patriot Solar Group (PSG) has had a long standing relationship with Martifer Solar, completing over 5MW of projects to date. PSG worked closely with Martifer’s engineering team to meet specific cap requirements and minimize soil disturbance as much as possible.
    • PSG’s in-house installation crew provided site preparation services prior to installing the racking system. Each ballast location required 4 inches of compacted, crushed stone. The stone acts as a barrier between the cap soils and concrete block to prevent thermal shifting due to freezing & thawing conditions.
    • Installers used specialized low pressure ground equipment to minimize soil disturbance and to make sure the PSF weight did not exceed cap conditions. This equipment was especially critical during the spring months with excessive rain and thawing top soil.

    Project Objectives/

    • Customize rail lengths to maximize limited area of landfill cap using strings of 13 modules.
    • Engineer racking system to accommodate slopes up to 10 °.
    • Concrete blocks designed to meet wind load, snow load, height clearance and specific PSF requirements.
    • Prepare the landfill cap and install racking system with minimal soil disturbance during wet Spring conditions.

    Project Results/

    • Racking system met all design criteria at a cost effective price for material and installation.
    • PSG installers completed racking installation in less than three weeks under less than ideal weather conditions.
    • PSG’s construction managers worked closely with electrical contractors to make sure entire project time-line stayed on schedule and met all critical deadlines.

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