Ballasted Ground Mount :: Patriot Solar Group

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    Ballasted Ground Mount

    • Modular with quick assembly
    • Starting section assembly includes 2 pre-cast ballasted posts, 2 trusses, 2 rails and hardware
    • Add-on section assembly includes: 1 pre-cast ballasted posts, 1 trusses, 2 rails and hardware
    • Mounting structure is 100% hot-dipped galvanized
    • Ideal for large commercial and utility-scale installations
    • Rugged, weather-resistant designs
    • 20-year guarantee against mechanical failure (breakage) of the frame construction
    • No Ground Penetration
    375 Series

    Part SLR-MTBAL175-105

    5 panels per section

    (60/72 Cell Panels)

    Add-On Section Assembly


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    Ballasted Ground Mount

  • Warranty/

    Ballasted Ground Mount

    Twenty (20) years against mechanical failure of the frame construction

    Patriot Solar Group’s Solar Mounts are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Patriot Solar Group shall repair or replace defective equipment, at no charge, or at its option, refund the purchase price, if the equipment is returned to Patriot Solar Group not more than twenty (20) years after shipment. Removal or re-installation of equipment and its transportation shall not be at cost of Patriot Solar Group except Patriot Solar Group shall return repaired or replaced equipment freight prepaid.