Corporate Introduction :: Patriot Solar Group

Patriot Solar Group has become one of the most recognized brands of solar racking and off-grid power solutions.

Patriot Solar Group (PSG) operates as a racking manufacturing company in the solar industry. The company has seen continuous growth over the past few years. PSG is focused on the solar racking industry, off-grid applications and solar tracking, where recent market shifts have presented significant revenue opportunities that were previously unavailable. The goal at PSG is to achieve a stable presence in the market with its own line of products and services. In order to pursue such an ambition, the company works with developers, EPC’s and distribution partners. Doing this allows PSG to create, produce and bring to the market innovative products through traditional and modern distribution channels.

PSG understands and emphasizes the importance of adding value at the development-production cycles by utilizing the latest hardware, software, talent and a genuine understanding of the product development framework.