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East Greenwich Solar Carports

  • East Greenwich Solar Carports

    Project Overview/

    • The East Greenwich Solar Carports Installation was completed in October of 2017.
    • The project was composed of 1.7 MW of solar panels covering several sidewalks, parking areas, and school entrances.
    • Both Mickle and Clark Schools utilized roof mounted and caport mounted solar panels to achieve a massive solar array.

    Project Objectives/

    • Design a layout to maximize the amount of solar while avoiding obstructing sidewalks and underground utilities.
    • Engineer foundation for project in low elevation area with clay soil conditions
    • Complete the 1.7 Mw array in three months.
    • Adjust the elevation of each column to maintain a linear appearance across uneven and sloping terrain.

    Project Results/

    • The East Greenwich solar array was completed avoiding underground obstructions without major layout modification.
    • The resulting array successfully covered the intended walking paths and overhangs above school entrances.
    • The completed project provided the aesthetics and functionality that was originally expressed by the customer.

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