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I was thoroughly impressed at how quick the system went into the ground and it was far less expensive than similar equipment!

- Jeremy Zinn
Project Manager, Oak Electric

  • Project Overview/

    • Patriot worked with Oak Electric to design a post driven ground mount array to work well with the sloped terrain and maintain low visibility.
    • The array consisted of 62, 327 W modules and will provide both grid tie net metering and a battery back up system for the residential customer.
    • Patriot met with Oak Electric at the site location to plan out the exact location and ultimately provided install services including post pounding, racking assembly and panel installation.

    Project Objectives/

    • Design racking system in compliance with all local building codes.
    • Engineer post design to work with existing soil conditions and achieve a 20″ height clearance at a 35 degree tilt angle.
    • Adapt quickly to permitting delays to deliver and install racking system while maintaining the project schedule.

    Project Results/

    • Racking system met desired height clearance on un-even terrain and met 90 MPH wind load and 35 PSF snow load.
    • Post driven foundation design worked well with existing site soil conditions.
    • Entire racking and panel assembly was completed in 2 days with a three man crew.

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