Yellowstone National Park Solar Installation :: Patriot Solar Group

  • Project Overview/

    • Yellowstone National Park Service is determined to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the amount of fossil fuels they burn for heat or electricity in some of the remote lodges located around the park.
    • The 44 kW array is composed of 176 Sharp modules and is backed by 208 recycled Toyota Camrey hybrid batteries. The batteries are expected to have enough storage capacity for the campus electric supply to be fossil-fuel free. Patriot Solar Group assisted with setting the concrete foundations as well as installed the racking and modules. The project, due for completion this fall, will bring the Lamar Buffalo Ranch a step closer to the ultimate goal of being zero-waste and zero-emissions for daily operation.
    • In addition to Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc, other generous corporate partners working on this project include Andersen Windows Inc., Sharp Manufacturing Company of America, Indy Power Systems, Patriot Solar Group, and Kohler Co.

    Project Objectives/

    • Create resilient form of energy that can be stored when not being used by the buildings.
    • Create a concrete ballast system that would not use un-needed space and compromise aesthetics.
    • Completion of racking and panelization must be completed in under 48 hours.
    • Accommodate poor ground and cold weather conditions with different construction methods allowing for swift installation of racking.
    • Patriot Solar Group donated 40% of the racking materials to the Yellowstone National Park Service

    Project Results/

    • Yellowstone National Park has come one step closer to becoming green and emission free due to the resilient power system solution.
    • The concrete piles adopted by Patriot Solar Group worked excellently for the application and aesthetics were not compromised
    • Racking installation and panelization was completed in a timely fashion, meeting the project deadline.
    • Ground and weather conditions were a constant battle for installation crew members, however different construction techniques were adopted allowing the project timeline to stay on track.

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