Western Michigan University Solar Installation :: Patriot Solar Group

  • Project Overview/

    • The 50 kW Western Michigan University Solar Installation is equipped with 15 ev charging station for the campus’ electric vehicles and is free to the public for the first three years of operation.
    • The 215 solar panel array is made up of 18 seasonably adjustable pole mounts. The system includes real time access to performance and output data from the system.
    • Patriot Solar Group is proud to have the opportunity to influence research and interest in renewable energy. This project interests anyone who walks by and shows that universities can commit to a cleaner and more efficient future. The charging stations are just the forefront of an entire campus wide project, funded by the Department of Energy and administered by the Clean Energy Coalition of Ann Arbor.

    Project Objectives/

    • Create an effective system for charging EV stations.
    • Grid tie the array to allow energy that does not feed the chargers to be absorbed by other consumers.
    • Innovate and support widespread adoption of solar energy production and renewable energy in general by influencing students and everyday people.

    Project Results/

    • Real time monitoring of the system production data.
    • Give an environmentally friendly feel to the campus and directly tie solar to the ev charging stations mounted in front of the array.
    • Replaced twice as many trees as were removed for the installation.

  • Photos/