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    • 2.4kW photovoltaic panels (8pcs X 300 watts each)
    • Trailer Mounted Photovoltaic System
    • Complete Off-Grid Highway Ready Solar Photovoltaic System
    • 800 Ah Gel Batteries
    • Rigid uprights to hold two photovoltaic sliders
    • 120-220 VAC from inverters to charge the batteries
    • False door on backside of trailer
    • LED lights along underside of panels above false door
    • 110 Outlet to charge electronic devices
    • (2) 3500w Outback PowerTM Mobile Inverters w/ Charge Controller
    • Portable Charging Station
    • Protective panel enclosure
    • Complete integration of the trailer system

    2.4 kW Solar Trailer

    Mobile Charging Unit

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  • Warranty/

    Ten (10) years against mechanical failure of the frame construction

    Two (2) years on Electronics and Workmanship

    Patriot Solar Group’s Solar Mounts are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Patriot Solar Group shall repair or replace defective equipment, at no charge, or at its option, refund the purchase price, if the equipment is returned to Patriot Solar Group not more than ten (10) years after shipment. Removal or re-installation of equipment and its transportation shall not be at cost of Patriot Solar Group except Patriot Solar Group shall return repaired or replaced equipment freight prepaid.

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